Pete Murgatroyd

︎Illustration & Sound︎ 

Mural in collaboration with A-side Design for Origin Coffee.
Origin gave me access to their flag ship HQ in London for one week over new year. London was a ghost town & this is what happened....︎

Promo Animation and Map for NEW // Kings Cross postcode >>> NW1.︎
In collaboration with A-side Design
Housing Google, Facebook and Youtube HQ’s along with shopping, restaurants & music venues. The project was a cartographic response to the historic and presentday culture of Kings Cross. ︎ 

Animated Promo for KX


Radio ident’s for Redbull Radio's flagship show >>> "BRUH" with Zak Fox &
Commissioned by Doubleday & Cartwright. ︎

The Cave >>> A sequal to “New Jack City”.>>> This was an illustrated response to Plato’s metaphor of the cave. Using improvisational methods of research and practice... The piece celebrates the dialectic between Esotericism & Science...︎︎︎
The Cave